Excellent hotel complex, clean, cosy, comfortable, friendly staff. All you need to relax after a tiring road on the way from Karelia to the Crimea is a sauna, a swimming pool, a clean room. Special thanks to the security guard!

Tatyana Ivanova (10 октября 2019)

I want to come back again and again. Thank you "Swedish Village"!

Ovcharenko Ksenia (31 августа 2018)

Everything is very clean, nice to look. The territory is large, clean, guarded. There are no rebuke on breakfast, the chef is always in place and friendly. The girls are beautiful, smiling, correct and intelligent. Everything is alright!

Usenko Anton (18 августа 2018)

Breakfast is very tasty, everything was prepared with us (left at 7 o'clock), everything is fresh. Staff - friendly, sympathetic people. I spoke with the hostess of the hotel, she is a very nice girl. Very clean and well-groomed territory. The rooms are comfortable. Everything is clean and tidy. Feeling that on vacation in Turkey. Breakfast is excellent, hot and tasty!

Tsareva Maria (08 июля 2018)

Comfortable living conditions, good food, respectful service by hotel staff. I am glad that all the staff are young, handsome, always in a good mood and with respect. The cleanliness of the rooms is great! Bold dishes are varied and very tasty. The overall impression is excellent! On the eve of the holiday I wish all the girls and women of the hotel health, happiness and good luck in everything!

Lopatko Alexander (01 марта 2018)

A lot of greenery, clean air, quiet place, friendly staff, excellent quality of the offered cuisine!

Shetinin Alexandr (06 июня 2017)

Good evening! Once again back here in Timashevsk this time with company of Maclem IJSbrand & Jevona from Holland. Yesterday at the nearby restaurant and today here with the usual good food - Thank you and see you soon again

Jens Biorn (29 октября 2015)

Спасибо прежде всего персоналу! Уютная, как домашняя, гостиница, чистые номера, хороший завтрак. До скорых встреч

Guest (21 октября 2015)

Огромное спасибо за атмосферу домашнего уюта и прекрасную кухню! Всего самого наилучшего и удачи в будущем!

Людмила Коновалова (07 июля 2015)

Хорошие номера, очень чисто, хорошо устроенная территория. Чудесное место для отдыха. Кухня вкусная, питание вполне разнообразное. Персонал приветливый. Нам понравилось у Вас, надеемся вернуться.

GMCS (Москва) VEREX (22 марта 2015)
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